Are you looking to sell your Indian clothes, but don’t have the time to take photos and post your sarissalwars and accessories? 


Then free up your space and make some cash, let us take the hard work out and do everything for you. Simply ship your items to us and we will handle the rest of the process. When an item sells, we will post the net proceeds to your nominated account.


Let us make the process seamless for you...

All you have to do is follow the prompts below :

Step 1: Check that your items are free from any defects e.g. tears, buttons missing, excessive wear, stains etc

Step 2: Ensure that the items are freshly clean/dry cleaned.


Step 3: Complete the SELL MY ITEMS form and describe in as much detail as possible your items (category, colour, care instructions and desired asking price). Refer to the Indian Style Guide  and materials and embroidery page for more information on how to describe your item.  We also have a sizing guide for your reference.

Step 4: Print your SELL MY ITEMS form and mail or drop it off to us with your items.

Step 5: Provide us with package tracking or delivery confirmation after shipping your items. You will receive an email notifying you that your items have been received. Your items will then be processed and we'll send another email to let you know which items have been accepted. 

Items will be listed for a four month period. If they are unsold after this time or have not been accepted, they will be either donated to our charity partners in Australia or India to help families in need or returned to you at you for a fee of $10.95 if in VIC. Other rates may apply if interstate.

Once we have received your items, we thoroughly check every item to ensure that it is in perfect condition and meets our strict quality standards. Items that are suitable will be professionally photographed and marketed on and our third party partner sites. A listing fee of $2.50 will apply for each item listed which is redeemable if the item sells. (if your item is <$10 it will be listed for FREE).


Items will be accompanied with a star rating according to their condition.


3 stars – Brand new, never worn

2 stars – Worn, excellent condition, like new, worn 1-2 times

1 star – Worn, fairly good condition, no obvious, but possible slight defects

Step 6: We handle the rest!  Sit back and enjoy watching your items sell on My Desi Look

YOUR PAYOUT: Wait to be paid when your items sell!

We will work hard to market your items and at the end of each month, you'll be paid 70% of the price that your items are sold for, received as either cash via Paypal ( Paypal fees apply ) or bank transfer. (Final price includes shipping and commission charges)


Please note the final pricing will depend on quality, condition and brand of the items and is set at our discretion based on our informed opinion in conjunction with your desired price.  


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